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Does your refrigerator cause serious problems? If it is leaking or not cooling properly, it will be the best to avail the services of top appliance repair company like ours. We have been in the field of repair since many years and offering the best services to the customers. In  the summer season it becomes extremely necessary that your refrigerator is functioning properly as all ike to have cold drinks, juices and also to keep the fruits and vegetables and other eatables fresh, your refrigerator in Appliances Repair should function properly.

We offer a variety of refrigerator repair services the main of which include”

· Condenser repair

· Repair of door switch

· Repair of refrigerator light

· Repair of door magnet

· Evaporator repair

· Compressor repair

We offer a wide range of services and also take care of customer’s needs and budget. As we have been in this field for quite some time now. We have become a known name and come to the minds of customers whenever they need help regarding appliance repair. We have team of experts who solve all the troubles of yours and give you quality services and Studio City Appliances Repair at the lowest possible rates. We provide genuine products and accessories. Our technicians can also give you safety tips and guidelines. So, our services are not just limited to repair of the appliances but also to extend their lives and make them work better by proper care.