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You put your wet clothes in a dryer, the drum spins and your clothes are still wet. A broken dryer is a cause of inconvenience, with that strange squeaky and thumping noise adding to your discomfort. This situation indeed demands timely service because you cannot tolerate wet woolens and blankets, dripping water, waiting for long hours under the sun. Everything gets messy just because of a faulty dryer.

Inexperienced technicians could advise you to discard you drier and brace up to purchase a new one, resulting in a big hit to your pocket. But believe sometimes the problem is not as big as other inexperienced repair men may exaggerate it to be. Just a simple phone call to Studio City Appliances could help you save your hard earned dollars.

Be it an electric or gas dryer our qualified and experienced team of experts are capable of repairing any model. Equipped with the finest equipment they carefully analyze your dryer to provide the best available solution at the cheapest price. We are always ready with a stock of original equipments and spare parts that increase the efficiency of the dryer in Appliances Repair. We assure you quality service with extended warranty on equipment replaced. We won’t charge a penny from you until you are completely satisfied as to the condition of your drier.

If at all u have a faulty or broken  drier, call Studio City Appliances Repair and our team of technicians will always be  ready to infuse life back into it as early as possible.